What We're Doing

The Amgen Tour of California is committed to reducing our environmental impact. We do so through ongoing efforts to save energy and water, recycle, purchase environmentally preferable products, and help raise awareness of environmental issues.

We are proud to participate in AEG 1EARTH, AEG's corporate environmental sustainability program. Through AEG 1EARTH, we:

  • Exchange environmental best practices with other AEG businesses
  • Track our environmental performance on a monthly basis, measuring energy consumption, water usage, and waste diversion
  • Contribute to AEG’s progress towards its 2020 Environmental Goals

To learn more about AEG's sustainability efforts and progress towards its 2020 Environmental Goals, please visit the AEG 1EARTH website ( and read AEG's Sustainability Report.

What You Can Do

We're doing our best to reduce our environmental impact and hope you will join us in our efforts. Here are a few tips to make your visit to our events more environmentally friendly:

  • Consider walking, biking, taking public transit, or carpooling to avoid traffic, save on gas and parking, and reduce your carbon footprint. Bike valets will be available at all stages!
  • Help us increase our recycling rate by placing all waste and recyclables into designated receptacles – if you aren’t sure where to put something, please ask!
  • Use only as many disposable items (e.g., paper towels, napkins, utensils) as you need
  • Use your Amgen Tour of California Reusable Water Bottle ( to fill up at one of the water refill stations on site! Check below for which stages will have water refill stations available.


Long Beach

  • Please place waste and recyclables in the appropriate receptacles located in the lifestyle festival area. Not sure what goes where? Please ask!


  • Please visit the City of Ventura’s environmental sustainability department booth at the lifestyle festival to learn what they are doing to protect Ventura’s natural resources and what you can do to help.

Santa Barbara

  • Please place waste and recyclables in the appropriate receptacles located in the lifestyle festival area. Visit (, Santa Barbara County’s ultimate waste reduction resource for its residents.

King City

Laguna Seca Recreation Area

  • Not sure how to appropriately dispose of your waste? Have questions about what services are available in your area? Please drop by the Waste Management booth at the lifestyle festival at Laguna Seca Recreation Area.

San Jose / Morgan Hill


  • Help minimize our environmental footprint, by tossing your trash and recyclables in the appropriate containers.

Elk Grove

  • Waste collected during the lifestyle festival will be collected at the “Sustainability Stations”. With 15 stations located throughout the festival, volunteers will educate our visitors about recycling food waste as required by a relatively new law, AB 1826. Come learn about how to properly discard of your trash, recyclables and food waste.
  • The City of Elk Grove is partnering with a local brewery to provide guests purified water on site. Visitors can stop by the City of Elk Grove information booth to get a free reusable water bottle to keep hydrated during the festivities.
  • As host city, the teams and support staff will call Elk Grove “home” during Men’s Stage 5 and Women’s Stage 1. Hotels are focusing on reducing their footprint, being environmentally conscious, supporting innovative conservation initiatives and will be inspiring their guests to support these efforts.
  • Visit the vendor booths listed below to learn more about programs available to local residents and how small changes can make a big impact.

South Lake Tahoe

  • TakeCareTahoe ( will participate in this year’s lifestyle festival, in South Lake Tahoe. Visit their booth to learn more about small changes you can make in your everyday life to help take care of Tahoe!
  • Be sure to bring your reusable water bottle and stay hydrated by using the water refill stations located in the festival area.

City of Folsom
As part of hosting Stage 6 of the Amgen Tour, the City of Folsom has developed a Sustainable Action Plan aimed at reducing the event’s environmental impact in our community, as well as increasing awareness of environmental issues.

  • Attendees will be encouraged via local media and social media to consider walking, biking, taking public transit, or carpooling to avoid traffic, save on gas and parking, and reduce the event’s carbon footprint.
  • A bike valet will be provided at the event to accommodate approximately 200 bicycles. Signage will be incorporated to direct cyclist to the Bike Valet area. The number of bicycles using the bike valet will be tracked and the information passed on to Amgen.
  • There will be 20 recycling containers strategically placed in the festival area, the media parking area, and in the media room to help increase recycling at the event. In addition, new signage will be developed by the City to help educate attendees about placing all waste and recyclables into the proper designated receptacles. The amount of recyclables collected from the event will be tracked and the information will be provided to Amgen.
  • The event caterer, Karen’s Bakery, has made a commitment to sustainable business practices and will consciously use only as many disposable items (e.g., paper cups and plates, napkins, utensils) as necessary. Where feasible, catered disposable items used at the event will be recyclable and/or compostable. In addition, if there is any leftover fruit from the event it will be donated to the zoo animals at Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary.
  • The event will have a water refill station and the City’s Recycling Division and Water Conservation Division will jointly be providing free refillable BPA free water bottles made of recycled content to reduce the need for single-use plastic bottles. The number of bottles distributed will be tracked and provided to Amgen.
  • The following city departments will host educational booths at the festival:
    • Solid Waste, Recycling and Hazardous Materials Divisions
    • Sacramento Municipal Utility District
    • Water Conservation Division